Islam is Not Against Learning, Observation and Science

I recognise that by announcing this many eyebrows could be raised: Islam is a modern-day religion with the intention of emancipation. Yes, I understand, looking on the Burka of Afghan ladies, searching on the hijab of Iranian ladies, studying that FGC is ordinarily achieved inside the Islamic nations of Africa, studying how poorly ladies in Islamic nations are handled does no longer really show my factor. But deliver me a threat to explain my point with out preventing to study my paper, and I am sure that on the give up of this you may recognize my assertion.

Since it’d be too extensive to don’t forget all the Islamic countries, I will concentrate on Iran as a pattern and examine it to some different Islamic international locations when important.
Before the islamization of Persia, Persians were particularly Zoroastrians. Women had severa rights: proper to divorce, right to own real assets, proper of management and so on. I could go on and on. The different Middle Eastern countries did now not have any of those rights. Women have been seen as “start-machines” for male production best. Now, do now not ask me how they imagined destiny replica without women!

Islam got here from Saudi Arabia, a country in which women HAMKA have been buried proper after their delivery and ladies who dared to provide birth to child girls were basically kicked out in their homes, had to see their husbands bringing different ladies into their homes to eventually produce a male toddler. Women had no right to education, nor to real property and have been visible as assets of their fathers first after which their husbands. The motto was quite simple: Be glad that I permit you to live in any respect.
When Islam turned into introduced to Saudi Arabia, the Koran (translated that means: recitation) have become a modern rule-e book. Not simplest did it talk approximately the way to believe in God and how to admire nature, however moreover it spoke about own family law, approximately wills and inheritance, and approximately women.

Many might be amazed to pay attention that Islam is the primary world religion, dedicating one bankruptcy (sure) to girls (Sure 4, Nessah). It speaks approximately giving women the proper to live, and that the ones mother and father who buried their toddler women must fear the Judgment Day, considering the ones girls might want to recognise why they needed to die because of their gender. It maintains approximately the lady within the marriage, and it also speaks approximately divorce. Unlike maximum other religions, Islam does supply girls the proper of inquiring for a divorce for numerous motives (one of them being if the husband does no longer pay any sexual interest to her).

It keeps with the rights of women after their divorce, indicating that no man must mistreat his ex-wife; neither should he take their children away, by and large now not if they’re still being nursed by way of her. He should supply her dowry and ensure that she is furnished for. [[4.4] And deliver women their dowries as a free gift, however if they of themselves be pleased to give up to you a part of it, then eat it with entertainment and with wholesome result.]